All About Freelance Writing Jobs (1)

What are freelance writing Jobs?

Freelance Writing Jobs related to writing by individuals who work as professional freelancers. A freelancer works on different types of jobs for shorter periods without being a full-time employee. 

A woman writing as a freelancer

A woman writing as a freelancer

A freelance writer does not belong to any single publication or organization and writes for anyone who is paying for the job. This form may be creative as well as technical and is a “short-term” work commitment. For any creative writing pieces, any freelance writer will write first and then seek any publication house. A freelance writer with technical expertise, on the other hand, is typically sought first for technical and specialized projects.

What Is a Freelance Writer?

Freelance writing” is a career opted for by any professional writer who will work as a contractor in opposition to a full-time writer working with any company. Freelance writers give their writing-based services to various clients. They work across variations of genres and write about a particular topic that a particular client will assign. These writers write for different categories of customers. They may even sell their stories to journals or magazines publishing creative writings. These professionals write articles in newspapers as well as articles for various magazines. They may even work as copywriters and content writing experts for any client.

If any person is passionate about any particular hobby such as cooking new dishes, skills revolving around parenting, and any type of sports such as baseball, cricket, swimming, rugby, or skiing one must think about turning into an expert blogger on a particular subject. Thus, maintaining a personal blog is a highly creative outlet that will help in building one’s skills in writing. This also helps in shaping their style of writing, and thus, becoming significantly better authors. This provides an online platform for individuals. Also, freelancing provides an additional ability for incorporating newer strategies for multiple search engines’ optimization and usage.

Woman sitting on couch while using a laptop

Woman sitting on the couch while using a laptop

Freelance Writing Jobs Types

The most well-known type of freelance writing is published online or in print in specific fields such as business, marketing, and journalism. Freelance writers can be found working for businesses and groups with single projects like grants or proposals.

There are various types of freelance writing such as:

  • Articles for newspapers
  • Grant writings
  • Program proposals
  • Website blogs
  • Training manuals
  • Reviews of the book
  • Story translation

Who can do freelancing work? 

Varieties of opportunities are available in the field of freelancing in various domains depending upon one’s freelancing skills. These include: 

  • Software Jobs: These include freelance development of Software or Apps that are based on the project. These comprise Full-stack, Front-end, Back-end, Mobile App, Web App, software module, game developments, or automation.
  • Freelance Writing Jobs: These include Copywriting, Content-based writing, proofreading, Editing, Typing, Ghostwriting, Technical Writing, Blog writing, coaching, or Newsletters. 
  • Accounting-related Jobs: These may include Business Analytics, Accounting, Preparation for Taxes, Financial Planning, and Management.
  • Data Science and Analysis: These include Mining of data, analysis, Deep and machine learning, visualization of data, and extraction.
  • Sales/Marketing Jobs: These include Marketing on Social Media, Telemarketing, selling insurance, marketing, and optimization of Emails and search engines
  • Customer Services: These are calling jobs wherein calls are to be made or received from customers for handling problems. These include Customer and Technical Support or calling jobs.
  • Translation Jobs: One translates the entire text which is written in one language to a different language. These include Legal, Languages, Technical, Foreign Languages, and writing Translation.
  • Administrative Support Jobs: This service includes acting as an administrative assistant and handling administrative work like Data Entries, Virtual Assistants, Online Researching, and Processing of orders.
Woman checking on inbox

Woman checking on inbox

What is the scope of freelance assignments?

As most of companies are hiring freelancers who do different jobs, freelancing has evolved with numerous scopes like

a) Administrative Support Jobs for instance project managers, and virtual assistants,

b) Design as well as creating jobs like Brand Identity, Animation, Designing of Presentations,  Graphics designing, Audio, and video production, Photography, and Videography

c) Jobs that require writing skills like Copywriting, Editing, creative writing, and business writing

d)  Web, Mobile, and Software Development

e)  Accountancy and Consultation Jobs

f) Legal Jobs such as Business, Corporate, Tax, International, Labor Laws, Paralegal laws, etc

g) Data and Analytics Jobs

h) Sales as well as marketing Jobs such as Advertising, Telemarketing, and Public Relations

i) Customer Services

j) IT as well as Networking Jobs

k) Engineering as well as Architecture Jobs: For example, 3D modeling, CAD and

l) Translation Jobs.

Is freelance writing Jobs satisfying financially? 

Freelance writing comprises the fastest-growing workforce. Over 12% of freelancers form nearly 12 million independent workers within the last year. 70% of freelancers prefer working on various projects at the same time. An average freelancer will have a minimum of 2 to 3 clients. However, this might be a difficult business, to begin with, and one must be a professional who has realistic monetary expectations. Working as a freelance worker is a satisfying job as it allows an individual to work flexible work hours, allows utilization of one’s working skills, and helps in managing a sizable earning from this type of work. Hence, a freelancer can earn satisfactorily provided there is the capability of meeting deadlines and the capacity to take on multiple assignments at the same time.


Publishing an article

Publishing an article


What is the pay range and what mode of payments are available?

The most commonly asked question by freelancers is the mode of payment as the work is varied and is on different types of platforms. Thus freelancers, as well as their clients, must be having various options or modes for payments. Individuals determine the salary range for working as a freelancer depending on their expertise and skills. There is no upper limit to charges that can be levied by a freelancer for a particular or specific type of assignment.  

Payment method

All freelancers desire surety regarding the safety of payments. This comprises a major payment platform for working. There are various platforms that handle the payments of freelancers in multiple modes or methods. For example, Some payment gateways instruct their clients for adding any particular method of billing (such as PayPal, Credit Card payment, wire transfer, or directly adding their Bank Accounts) to their accounts before they hire any freelancer. There may be two types of payment plans a) Basic, which is a free plan, however, the freelancers have to pay to have a connection with clients by utilizing internal tokens for submitting proposals to the clients. A platform may ask for a cut from any freelancer’s payment. 

Freelance platforms

On the other hand, certain types of plans provide comparative visibility into various prices paid by competitors for a particular job. There may be an option available for keeping one’s earnings confidential. Some of the platforms may also bill their freelancers based on hourly projects on a weekly basis. After reviewing the submitted work, the freelancer will be paid approximately ten days following the end of the billing period. If a project is canceled before it is completed, the freelancers may be paid depending on milestones achieved and the hourly-based agreement. Whereas, few platforms prefer screening their freelancers before hiring them. However, certain platforms are more expensive than others, and only a few require partial payment before hiring a freelancer for a particular project.

Some platforms, on the other hand, charge commissions that are comparable to the freelancer’s regular rates. On the other hand, a few of the platforms ask the clients to directly transfer the entire working amount to the freelancer’s account. Though, they do charge a certain commission amount from the total fee charged by the freelancer here as well.

Uphires is a professional platform that allows freelancers to directly apply for their positions based on their skills and expertise. Most importantly, employers can post their job requirements on Uphires’ website. There is no screening process involved on this platform. Uphires provides a variety of freelance work assignments to clients’ satisfaction and is a very credible organization. 

Freelancer job at Uphires

Uphires regularly looks for individuals who do freelance jobs. Employers can post their requirements on this platform. The freelancers who are willing to take up these assignments can apply by posting their resumes.

At Uphires, freelance work is provided from a variety of fields while on the lookout for professionals who can regularly do this work preferably within deadlines. Uphires accepts direct applications with no screening. The major beneficial aspect of working with Uphires is the flexibility provided by the company to its employees as there are no fixed office hours which allows for completing the assignments in comfort. Uphires makes sure that each customer gets 100 % of job satisfaction and wishes to expand this in near future as well. 

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