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  • Your job post stays active until you deactive it. You can set a deadline for each job post.
  • Yes, you can cancel your subscription right after payment, but you still have access to all the features until the subscription expires.
    • Connecting employers and jobseekers
    • No commissions
    • No mark up worker salaries
  • Uphire offers 30 day customer-satisfaction guarantee.
  • Do not constitute harassment of any kind.

    Complies with United States's employment law
    Are not racist, sexist, or discriminatory in nature
    Meet minimum wages in Latin America, Phillipines, and India
    Do not involve with child pornographic in any way
    Do not scam users, phishing attempts, or defraud workers

  • Yes, you can hire an agency to take care of compliance, employee benefits, taxes, and other payroll matters.
  • Yes, you can hire the talents as contractors. They will have to pay income taxes in their home country.
  • Please contact
  • We recommend Hubtrak to check your workers activities and productivities, while tracking their work time.
  • Please email our support team at to request subscription cancellation.


  • Go to the jobseekers page and on the search keywords box, search the jobs you want to search
  • Payments are agreed between employer and worker. Uphire supports the use PayPal, Payoneer, Xoom, Wire Transfer, and Zelle.
  • Many employers make biweekly payments, but some do pay monthly.
  • You do not have to take any tests. However, taking the the tests will validate your skills and significantly increase your chance to find a job.
  • Please contact We take this issue seriously and will mediate any concerns.
  • Job postings stay active until employers hire a worker.

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