Guide to Finding Work from Home Jobs with No Experience

Work from Home Jobs with No Experience

As recruiters and top companies look for experts in the fields, finding work from home job with no experience becomes a daunting task. Still, there are a lot of industries where one can get a job and work from the comfort of home. This post has everything one needs to know about earning money with zero experience and without commuting. 

How to find work from home job with no experience needed

First thing first, one has to ponder a bit to understand why one wants to work from home. The reasons can be different such as, one is not getting a full-time job as freshers are often hired as interns and are not given any compensation. Or one doesn’t want to spend much time commuting. Whatever the reason be, the point is that one has no experience but wants to earn without joining an on-site organization. 

Finding jobs without experience is not as difficult as it seems. One just has to make sure to figure out a few things like interests, the industry one wants to work in, and how many hours one can devote to the job. 

Remote jobs can be full-time or part-time, so individuals have to search for jobs according to their schedule. The trick that works wonders is to first seek a part-time remote job so that one gets used to working a certain number of hours per day. After some months, shifting to a full-time work-from-home job becomes easy. Also, one should search for stay-at-home jobs according to the time and situation one is in. 

Find work from home jobs

Find work from home jobs

Work from Home Job Skilled Needed Zero experience

According to a study by ETS research scientists, it was noted that employers prefer candidates that have good problem-solving skills along with excellent oral and written communication. These skills are a must for anyone looking to get started with a remote job role.

Apart from these, one must be able to manage time so as to work efficiently. There are people who can do a certain task in one hour where others may take up double-time to complete that same amount of work. So, prioritizing the tasks and managing the schedule makes one work effectively. The bonus part is–these skills help in avoiding long-term burnout. 

Another important skill individuals need to have is digital literacy. As one would be working from home, it is essential to stay updated with current technology. People who work from home have to use different types of digital tools as most online work is done by using some type of tools. Using tools is not difficult, one just needs to have a slight curiosity to explore if someone is a complete beginner.  

If an individual has to work together with different teammates online, then good collaboration skills are mandatory. Teams meet online to discuss work plans and other business challenges in order to brainstorm and get some solutions. Sometimes work is divided among team members and one has to work accordingly. So, having collaborative problem-solving skills is imperative.

List of online work-from-home jobs (no work experience required)

Following are some of the best remote jobs for beginners, where a few can be done part-time, and other jobs demand hours, so are considered to be full-time jobs. 

Data entry

In this type of job, one has to enter data into some file system, where the data is usually a large amount of information. This job may also include some clerical tasks depending on the type of details that has to be entered. Data entry jobs are the easiest job one can do from home. One just has to make sure to enter the information correctly while keeping up with the pace.

Chat agent

This is another form of customer care service, but the only difference is that a chat agent helps customers through a chat feature. A chat agent needs to know details about the product and services of the companies in order to solve customers’ queries. 

Virtual assistant

The role of a virtual assistant or VA is the same as that of an office assistant. The only difference will be that the virtual assistant will work remotely. In this job profile, one has to be organized as well as dependable. Scheduling appointments and answering calls, entering data, and maintaining records are some of the regular tasks of a virtual assistant. 

Customer service representative

This is another work-from-home job that requires no work experience. This job profile demands good communication skills along with exceptional typing skills. Moreover, the customer service representative must have the ability to handle customers’ issues quickly. Patiently listening to queries or issues and promptly giving solutions are the must-have skills for this role.

Freelance writer 

This job profile is for those who have excellent English and vocabulary. Apart from these, a freelance writer also needs to be skilled in grammar. Also, good knowledge of a particular niche like travel, finances, fashion, health, etc., can make one stand out of the crowd and land a job quickly. A writer writes content such as blogs, articles, social media posts, ads, etc. One can do this job part-time or full-time depending on how much time one can commit. 


Transcription is one of the easiest remote jobs for a newbie, and it is in demand too. The only skill one needs to have to be a transcriptionist is fast and accurate typing. This job can also be done a few hours a day as it’s highly flexible work. Many transcription companies hire professionals with no experience and offer fine pay per hour.

Search engine evaluation

In this profile, the evaluator has to evaluate search results according to the guidelines of the company. Usually, some companies take an exam before hiring a candidate. The exam is easy and not at all technical. This job is only part-time but highly flexible, and the demand for a search engine evaluator is huge. 


A bookkeeper maintains the record of details related to finances and also explains to the client all the business transactions done. For this job, one needs to have a basic knowledge of finances. 

Best Freelance writer 

Best Freelance writer

Recognizing scams for beginners 

Scams are everywhere and are very common. In fact, the FTC received more than 2.1 million fraud reports in 2020. Well, there is no doubt that finding a legitimate job online can be challenging as there are a lot of online job scams going on. Professionals who are in dire need of jobs are the ones who usually fall into the traps of fraudsters. Savvy scammers know that people are much interested in making money from home. It is always vital to stay cautious and double-check to make sure that the job is genuine. 

Here’s a rundown of some ways one can know if the job posting is fake or real. 

  • The employer reaches out to the professional and offers a job without any interview
  • The job posting has a lot of spelling and grammatical errors
  • The recruiter asks for personal financial information before making a hire
  • The client offers higher pay for limited skills 
  • The recruiter asks the professional to make a swift decision
  • The job posting mentions quick money
  • The company does not have any website or no social media presence
  • The website of the company has less information or appears unprofessional 
  • The employer asks for upfront money for training or internship and equipment
  • The contact email of the recruiter is personal

Scammers can bring in new tactics every other day. So one must keep a few things before trusting a recruiter or a company. It is always a good idea to trust the gut, and if the job feels scammy, then one must walk away from that job. Further, doing some research is essential. One can Google the company name and add the word ‘scam’ to see if the search results show anything fishy about the company. One must ask questions from the respective recruiter to better understand the position and about the company. After gathering all the necessary facts, one may feel confident about the company and proceed with joining. 

Busy man talking on phone while using laptop

Busy man talking on the phone while using a laptop

Pros and cons

Working remotely is not a new concept. In fact, it is gaining popularity in recent times. However, working from home has several advantages as well as disadvantages that you should be aware of.

Some of the top advantages

  • No commuting
  • Improved communication skills
  • Flexible schedule
  • More independence 
  • No dress code
  • More job opportunities
  • Custom environment
  • Better work and life balance
  • Cost-effective

Some of the disadvantages

  • Distractions at home
  • Unbalanced eating
  • No in-office perks
  • Risk of overworking
  • Difficulty sticking to a routine
  • Stress
  • Less in-person contact
  • Risk of lower productivity

Ending note

At Uphires, individuals can view an array of job postings and pick the one that matches their skills one has. From part-time to full-time to per hour jobs, a series of job postings is available in different industries. Feel free to browse the site to get the perfect job with no experience.

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