List of Best Part Time Working from Home Jobs

Part Time Working from Home Jobs

Nowadays, part-time working from home jobs have become pretty common. In general, people who want to earn side income count on part-time jobs. In fact, college students and housewives are the ones who are more interested in doing jobs for a few hours a day.

This post is a comprehensive guide that explains everything about stay-at-home jobs.

What are remote part-time jobs?

Online part-time jobs, also known as stay-at-home jobs, are the kind of jobs that require one to work certain hours a day. The number of hours one works is less than the number of hours a full-time employee does. Basically, jobs that demand one to work less than 30 to 35 hours a week come on the list of part-time jobs. Remote jobs do not require any commuting, and one performs all the work from home only. 

Skills for part-time working from home jobs seekers

When it comes to working off-site, one needs to have certain skills to find success in a remote environment. Here’s the rundown of the top skills that individuals looking to do remote work must have: 

Young lady working from home

Young lady working from home

Strong communication skills

In the remote setting, communication is done via phone conferencing, video conferencing, or through emails. Therefore, one must have exceptional written and verbal skills to communicate clearly. Sometimes lack of communication leads to issues in work, and it may result in frustration among clients and teammates. 


One has to be a self-starter and self-reliant as these two are pillars of getting success in remote work. Employers like to work with contractors who are self-sufficient, independent, and need little to no guidance. 

Technical skills

As technology advances, one needs to stay up to date with the latest tools and technologies. Employers use different project management tools to assign work to contractors. That said, if one has knowledge of the new technologies, then it becomes easy to work without wasting any time in figuring out how a tool works.

Time management

This is the most important skill one should have while working from home. Hence, the tasks must be completed within the time frame specified. The keys to working from home efficiently are to always submit work on time and never miss deadlines. It also lets the employer understand that the contractor is dependable. 

Working under pressure 

Sometimes clients need urgent work done, or if someone is in a customer-facing role, then one has to stay calm under all conditions. Keeping a positive attitude is essential in remote jobs, as urgency is a phase that will soon pass.

Work from home routine

Work-from-home routine

Numeracy skills

Some sectors, such as the retail industry, are known for their numerical skills, and retail professionals must use them in a variety of ways. Having this type of skill can bring wonders not only to the client’s business but also in boosting the profile of a contractor. 

Collaborative problem solving

A few remote part-time job roles require collaborating with teammates online. In case of solving any problem, one has to brainstorm to offer a solution. Being proactive and having a practical approach to solving the issues make one stand out from the crowd. 

Excellent respective skills

There are different fields of work, and each requires a different skill set. Therefore, individuals should be proficient in the respective skills that are needed to get the job done perfectly. One has to be a connoisseur, and the other side of the coin is that one works alone in a remote setting. Whatever the job profile is, individuals have to be experts in the related field and skills.

Best stay at home part-time jobs

Following are the jobs that one can do part-time from home. Though these jobs can also be done full-time, doing it for a few hours a day can bring in some extra cash to the individuals. 

Business development manager

This one is a good paying job in which the main task is to bring in new clients to the business or the company in which one works. The other task in this profile includes developing plans, closing the deals, maintaining relationships with clients, and meeting the sales goals. Good sales and communication skills are needed for this role.

Virtual assistant

The role of VA is to perform duties from home that are usually done by office assistants on site. Other tasks of VA are: managing calendars and records, scheduling events, appointments and answering phone calls. A good virtual assistant is a multi-tasker and has excellent organizational skills.

Software engineer

Though this job is mostly done in-house full-time, it can also be done on a part-time basis. It all depends on the individual whether one wants to work full day or a few hours a day. The role of software engineers is to develop computer applications as well as software. Exceptional coding and programming skills are a must for software engineers.

Data entry 

This job is the easiest one which anyone with fine typing speed can do. The role requires inputting data to the database, maintaining records, and a few administrative tasks. One has to have a sharp focus on handling a large amount of data. Accuracy skilled in transcription and typing is some of the skills data entry professionals must have.

Freelance writer

A freelance writer creates content for businesses. The content is usually in the form of social media posts, blogs, articles, website content, ads copy, etc. Writers must be skilled and proficient in spelling, grammar, and in writing different types of content. 

Data entry

Data entry

Customer service representative

This one is another easy part-time job that one can do right from home. The task of this professional is to adjust orders and help customers with any queries related to the product. In this profile, most clients do not ask for a degree. The only requirement is to have excellent verbal and written communication skills. Apart from this, a customer service representative should be kind and calmly resolve any conflicts and issues.

Travel agent

The task of a virtual travel agent is to compare and book flights, hotels, etc., for the clients. Booking every aspect of a person’s travel itinerary is the key task of this professional. One needs to have a passion for traveling. Fine communication skills are also essential for this profile.

Remote teacher

Virtual teachers are in huge demand these days as tech companies are hiring skilled teachers for students. In a virtual setting, teachers perform the job online that is done in a real-life classroom. Skype, Zoom, etc. are used in interacting with students. In general, the demand for Science, Maths, and English teachers is highest.

Work from home part-time job scams

When it comes to working online from home, there are high chances of getting into the trap of fraudulent people. Online part-time job scams are extremely common. Thus, one has to be vigilant while applying to jobs and giving bank details after joining online. Listed below are the most common methods of people scamming candidates.

  • Fake recruiters ask for payment from the candidate for offering training
  • Employers directly reach out to a candidate even when the same candidate has not applied to the job
  • The job description appears too good
  • Recruiters ask for bank details before making a hire
  • The job posting has ample spelling and grammatical mistakes in the description
  • There is no mention of company name in the job posting
  • The company has no website and social media presence
  • The company’s website appears fishy
  • The employer pays peanuts for the task
  • The employer pays so much for a small task 

There are countless other methods by which fake people request money or complete tasks without payment. As a result, individuals have to keep an eye open while applying for the online part-time job and communicating with the recruiter. There is no doubt that fraudsters find new ways of conning candidates. Therefore, the only solution is to be extremely careful. Here are some of the tactics by which one can stay away from getting scammed.

  • Ask company details from the recruiter 
  • Ask for details about the job profile
  • If something appears fishy, skip that job
  • Always trust the gut. Intuitions are often right
  • Google the company and add ‘fake’ after the company’s name and see what results come up
  • Check the social media pages of the company 
  • Search and read the previous employees’ reviews
  • If a client pays very less, then do not accept the job 

Finding top part-time working from home jobs 

There are numerous part-time jobs available that can be done from the comfort of your own home. The roots of finding the best remote jobs are:

  • Skills 
  • Passion 
  • Dedication
  • Patience 

In order to get the job, one must know about the skills one has as having particular skills for a dedicated role is a must. For instance, a language translator should be an expert in two different languages and must comply with the grammar rules of the translated language. That being said, having skills is the foundation for any job.

A coffee laptop and phone on desk

A coffee laptop and phone on a desk

Ending note

Uphires is the platform for all individuals who are looking for remote part-time jobs. Candidates can browse the jobs section on the site and choose to apply for jobs that match one’s skill set. 

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