Online Jobs: Things To Know (2)

What is the scope of online jobs?

Online jobs are one of the ways through which people earn money as part-time work. These can cover many online working profiles. For example, content writers, video editors, translation, video makers, Photographers, Marketing, and handling of social media. This type of job has a requirement of approximately two to four hours per day. Such jobs may help in earning a good income.  Also, one may choose to work only over weekends or during vacations. This helps in the elevation of one’s skill set, utilization of one’s spare time for doing some productive work, and also, helps in earning some money. The concept of online work has taken hold nowadays. These jobs have become immensely popular during the current pandemic situation and subsequent, long lockdowns that prompted the use of online work.

Online work is hence, an effective method for utilizing spare time and for staying away from boredom.

Various kinds of online work:

Online tutoring: If one is skilled at thoroughly explaining various concepts, this career can be quite lucrative. One can help students with their studies while simultaneously offering a source of income. Content Writers: If one has creative abilities and can write a 500 worded article within 30 minutes and is full of ideas, one may even consider this as an online work form. A content writer must avoid plagiarism at all costs and meet deadlines on time. These may include doing write-ups for blogging sites, article write-ups, editing, and proofreading. Online surveying: This is an easy, fun-filled, and efficient method for earning money. It is helpful to look for survey tasks that pay after completion. An average length of a survey ranges between 4 to 12 minutes.

Typing jobs

Transcriptionist: This online work requires the transcription of audio files into writing. It is an easier job and pays well, especially if one works from home. For this one must possess a good speed typing and keen attention. Thus, depending upon the speed of typing, one can work on more materials and earn a higher amount. Translation: If one has any knowledge of foreign languages or different languages, a job in translation is a good opportunity for one to earn through this particular skill. These jobs are worth applying for because they don’t involve any financial investment. Video Captioning: This type of job requires one to watch a video and transcribe it into words. However, this is much more difficult than audio transcription. 

IT and Design jobs

Web Developer: This is a lucrative job that can lead to a variety of online jobs. Being tech-savvy and capable of any type of creativity with one’s talents does not require any advanced training for this type of career.

Graphic Designing: Graphic designers are individuals who can design or edit photographs or videos and turn them appealing to target a larger audience. These jobs include designing promotional materials such as posters or banners for business needs, social media-related posts, or designing business logos.


Woman working on web design

Women working on web design

What are the types of online jobs?

Numerous work options are available through online mode: 

  • Customer services: A 24/7 increase in demand for stronger communication skills and patience as one is required to handle queries as well as complaints from customers. 
  • Data entry: This online work required individuals to input data for the organization or promote sales within certain deadlines. One can opt for this type of online work if they are proficient with excel sheets and other data. Also, the flexibility of working hours is a plus point in this job. 
  • Scopist: This professional edits any court reporter’s writings for grammar, more clarity as well as spelling errors. For taking up this job, there is no requirement for any certificate and it is relatively easy, to begin with. One must have a background in editing as well as writing.
  • Virtual assistant: This job profile is suited for a person who has work experience as a secretary, receptionist, or administrative assistant. This job description requires maintaining one’s employer’s daily work schedule and also, doing clerical work such as scheduling appointments, sending emails, management of social media. One must possess good organizational as well as time management skills. 
  • Writing blogs: For this work, one must know how to design a website and write good material. One may earn through advertisements and marketing. 
  • Teaching English: This job can be easily performed by a candidate who owns a Teaching English Foreign Language certificate. This is a three-month course and requires teaching English to those who cannot converse in this language. Previous teaching experience is a requirement for this work.
  • Social media marketing: These people manage and schedule posts to promote any firm on social media platforms. For this, one must be familiar with various platforms, and search engines along with experience in writing good content.


Job description

Job description

What is the minimum requirement for taking up online jobs?

Any online job requires a minimum of qualifications. For example, online tutoring requires subject expertise and, in some cases, previous experience. For taking up any creative assignments, one must be creative along with having the ability to meet set deadlines. The most important fact remains that most of these jobs do not require any previous investment or payment. One important quality is to possess a good typing speed and the ability to comprehend jobs related to translation.

Laptop and coffee on desk while writing a note

Laptop and coffee on desk while writing a note

What are the benefits of online jobs?

Online job has a number of advantages. These include:

  • No requirement of Commuting: It has been observed that an employee loses a large amount of time if they have to commute to their workplace due to long distances or traffic snarls. If one is working from home through online mode, the employee benefits from greater peace of mind, better work efficiency, and better productivity.
  • Spending quality time with one’s family: It has been observed that the workforce regardless of being female or male, finds it difficult to balance their work with their homes and family. Opting for work in an online mode, allows one to work with flexible work hours so that people can spend quality time with their families. While working online, one can also plan their schedule to adjust their family life with their work as well without spending time commuting from home to the workplace and back. 
  • Saves additional costs: This happens to be the most advantageous fact associated with the online method of working. Also, with no requirement for commuting and the need to spend money on lunches, one can do savings. Additionally, one does not have to spend on buying newer outfits for offline offices. Working from home allows a parent to save money on child care or a nanny.
  • Flexibility: Doing work online requires the use of an internet facility, a computer which can be either a laptop or desktop along with personal management of time. This turns one flexible as one is capable of working from any place including a remote place while vacationing. 

Opportunities at Uphires

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