The Ultimate Guide on Work from Home Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry Jobs in Rochester

Data entry jobs and work-from-home are becoming prevalent these days since a large group of companies hires independent contractors for these positions. As this job profile is in demand, professionals can count on it to earn money by working online. This post elaborates on everything one needs to know about the data entry profile.

What is a remote data entry job?

The profile data entry involves the use of a computer to process data. Generally, the task of a data entry professional is to enter information into the database. However, the duties depend on different industry types. For example, some employers may also delegate the task of transcribing data from phone conversations or audio files.

When it comes to the basics, the primary job is to add and edit data in a computer system. The data is often sensitive or confidential, and a data entry professional has to manage the data efficiently. This information is used by other staff for reports and references.

Typically, in this job, a professional works on smaller tasks instead of a whole project. Therefore, payment depends on the task one does. The more tasks done, the higher one earns.

Woman using a laptop

Woman using a laptop

Common responsibilities of a professional for a data entry job in Rochester:

  • Entering data and verifying the present data for accuracy
  • Inputting account data from the provided documents within the given time limits
  • Comply with data security policies
  • Correcting errors and incompatibilities
  • Handling of documents, mailing lists, letters, and complex numerical data
  • Audio-to-text and image-to-text conversions
  • Formatting and editing
  • Responding to the information requests
  • Organizing files for future use
  • Scanning documents when needed

Some data entry jobs also include cleaning incorrect data from the table and database. In some cases, it can be considered a typing job. It all depends on the type of work the employer offers to the contractor.

Skills and requirements of data entry job work from home

Just like any other job, a data entry job also demands a few skills as well as requirements. Listed below are the must-haves for anyone looking to enter this profile.

Academic qualification: Many employers hire candidates with a high school diploma, whereas in some cases having a bachelor’s degree is mandatory. It depends from industry to industry, but in general, anyone can count on this type of job. This might be surprising that college students with no experience can also enter in the data entry field.

Typing speed: One needs to have a good typing speed as the tasks revolve around entering data. Individuals who do not have exceptional typing speed can brush up on this skill by doing a typing test regularly. For this job profile, one must have a typing speed of at least 30 WPM.

MS Office: Having an exceptional knowledge of using MS Office, especially MS Excel, is a prerequisite in some data entry jobs. Employers connect with professionals who are much familiar with these platforms. It is always better to have certifications in Microsoft Excel and some formal computer training. Computer literacy boosts one’s entry into this profile.

Communication skills: Fine written and verbal communication skills are essential in any job. In a data entry profile, a professional has to communicate clearly with the employer in order to understand the task. Lack of clarity may rise to miscommunication and then misunderstanding will reflect on the work as the task may have issues. Clear communication is the key to all jobs.

Attention to detail: As a data entry professional, one has to give complete attention to the work. A slight mistake can lead to huge problems, and businesses can get affected greatly. Entering data has to be done with complete focus, especially in terms of entering financial records.

Deadline-oriented: One must have the ability to work under pressure. Missing deadlines is not a sign of a good professional. Also, employers take it into consideration every time one misses a deadline. Professionals have to commit to the work and complete the task assigned in the dedicated time.

Dependable: The employer relies on the data entry professional that the information will remain confidential. One has to comply with data integrity and should never leak out any sensitive information at any cost. Mutual trust plays a key role in this job profile.

Moreover, having good administrative skills, interpersonal skills, and excellent multi-tasking skills act as the booster when it comes to getting this job. Further, one has to keep a positive attitude when working under tight deadlines. This job is not tough, but it demands one to be focused, skilled, and proactive.

Young lady working with a cup of tea

Young lady working with a cup of tea

Different types of work-from-home data entry jobs

Remote data entry jobs can be done in two different ways:

  • Part-time
  • Full-time

In part-time data entry jobs, professionals work for a few hours only. Usually, any job that is done less than 30 hours a week is considered a part-time job. Working for a few hours a day or a week makes one earn less as compared to professionals who work full-time from home. When it comes to full-time data entry jobs, professionals have to work anywhere from 35 to 40 hours. It totally depends on the individual which job type one considers. Individuals who can commit to working for hours can opt for full-time. Others who wish to earn a side income can consider working part-time.

Industries that offer stay-at-home data entry jobs

There is a melange of sectors that hire independent contractors for data entry roles. The industries in which one can work in this job profile are as follows:

  • Marketing: Advertising and marketing companies
  • Healthcare: Medical centers, hospitals, and labs
  • Finance and accounting: Financial institutions and banks
  • Human resource: HR companies

Apart from these, transport and logistics, telecom industry, retail, sales, BPO (business process outsourcing) to KPO (knowledge process outsourcing), government centers, admin task, and real estate are also some of the sectors and profiles one can get a job in a data entry domain.

Work from home data entry jobs salary

The salary depends on different factors, such as if the job requires administrative work and customer services or not. According to PayScale, the data entry professional earns anywhere from $10 to $17 per hour. The candidates with more skills and experience earn higher.

Payment methods also vary from one industry to another. Some employers pay by keystrokes per minute, per word, or per hour, whereas others pay by project. A few may offer a fixed monthly wage if the work is similar and does not require other administrative tasks. The typing speed of an individual also plays a significant role because fast typing speed lets one do more work and earn more money.

Typing on laptop

Typing on laptop

Finding legitimate remote data entry jobs

This type of job is often advertised on online job portables and also through personnel staffing firms. Companies hire independent contractors based on one’s skills and experience. A newbie can also take up entry-level data entry jobs to gain experience. The key to getting a genuine job is to double-check about the company before proceeding with an interview process.

There are many data entry job scams where people fall into the trap and eventually lose time, effort, and money in many cases. It is always vital to keep the following things in mind to minimize the risk of getting conned.

  • If the job posting has a lot of errors and no information about the company, then skip the job.
  • Never give any personal information, especially bank account details, before verifying the authenticity of the company.
  • If the recruiter asks for payment for providing an internship or training, do not pay anything. This is one of the common job scams many fake recruiters do with candidates.
  • Do not consider a job that offers good pay for small tasks. This is because such clients take the work from the independent contractor and then go invisible when it comes to paying the individual.
  • Check if the company has a social media presence. If not, skip the company and look for another genuine company. Businesses that are legitimate have an online presence and also have accounts on social media platforms.
  • If an employer is paying peanuts, then do not consider the job. Some companies try to take advantage of the candidates by paying extremely low wages.
  • One must ask questions about the job and the company before commencing the work.
  • Never work for free. Some clients may ask the candidate to work for free in order to gain some experience. The ground rule is that one should always charge for the services one provides.
  • If a recruiter hires without any interview or seeing a cover letter, then it is a clear sign that the job is fake.

Benefits of doing data entry job from home

Doing data entry jobs from home has many advantages that are discussed below:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Improved computer and organizational skills
  • One gets much free time
  • Low stress as compared with in-house jobs
  • Improved communication skills
  • No boss in a home-based setting
  • Entry based payment

Ending note

Data entry jobs are always in demand and such jobs welcome anyone with good typing speed. One can get a myriad of genuine work-from-home data entry jobs on Uphires. Browse the site to get that perfect job you wished for.

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